Sunday, March 23, 2014

Priest, Mage, and Shaman Level 90

So I have been making really good progress since my return.  I hit 90 on 3 of my toons this week.  It was mostly questing except for my priest who spent most of her time healing dungeons.  It amazed me how tough the regular mode was compared to how the heroics are right now.  I guess starting at the end of expansion I should have expected most of the WoW population to have over geared the content by now.

I had 3 World of Warcraft accounts when I took my break, but for some reason one of the accounts only has a starter account now.  My guild bank was also empty.  Its sad because I know my account was hacked and when I emailed Blizzard they said the characters were under someone else's account and they can't talk to me about it because its not my name on the account. Pretty sure whoever hacked my account merged my WoW with their account.  I remember when you could just call and explain what happened and now it seems like no matter what I write they just don't understand. Needless to say I've become quite frustrated with the whole experience.  Luckily I only had a level 70 rogue and a 63 Paladin on the account.  I did lose about a 100k in gold and a lot of items, but I'm not going kill myself over it.

Plan on seeing some changes around the site as I work on a new template and make this blog a little more professional looking. Thanks for stopping by!

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