Monday, March 17, 2014

Pet Battles, Questing, and Dungeons on the First Day Back!

Today I logged into my main account for the first time since 2012.  It was great logging into each of my toons until I realized I had to install add-ons, select my talents (which are completely different), research the new rotations, pick my glyphs, and find my way around.  My bags were so disorganized I didn't even bother to mess with them. 
I decided to get my mage ready first so I could run some dungeons and do a few quests.  I'm not going to get into PvP until 90 most likely.  Maybe a daily here and there.

These are talents I selected to start with and I'll be choosing Rune of Power at level 90.  I had to change around all my spell bars and I felt really rusty when I got started.  I slowly got into the groove as the hours went by though.  I rushed through 2 random dungeons and they felt really easy.  The whole time I was going through them I was messing with my party frames, add-ons, and other things I realized were very out of place or needed some customization when I joined the party.
It my quest to obtain all of the achievements I finished quite a few so far today.  Here they are in no particular order:
I love the addition of the Pet Battles!  My Murkimus the Gladiator kicks ass!  His Heroic Leap ability is pretty awesome which allows me to miss an enemy attack and then land with a pretty powerful hit.  I did a couple of PvP Pet Battles and won them all except when I faced a Forest Moth who killed my whole team.  My other pets I brought to battle were the Baby Blizzard Bear and Dark Phoenix Hatchling I don't think I'll be sticking with either of them for the long term.
I won my first PvP match with a pretty easy victory.  I switched out pets a few times, but I probably didn't need to.  I feel like this game should be made into an app so I can play on my phone and tablet when I am sitting around.  Blizzard are you listening??
It was a pretty productive first day back though I didn't even gain a level.  I am pretty close and with how fast I was gaining experience questing I don't think it will take very long to hit 90.  I am going take my time though and enjoy my time back.


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