Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back for Cataclysm!

Like many people I took a well needed break in between expansions to clear my head and catch up on real life.  I bought Cataclysm the day after it came out and finally logged into the game on Monday.  To say a lot has changed would be a big understatement.  I love the changes that I've come across so far!!!

I love Questing! 
I have always hated questing.  It always felt like work and when they put in random dungeons I just ran instances to level up my low level alts.  That has since changed.  Everything seems streamlined now.  I run an instance and the quests pop up to let me accept it when I hit certain areas in the dungeon.  No more searching all over the place to find them.

The quest hubs seem to have just the right amount of quests and when you finish one in a string of quests you can automatically go onto the next one without going all the way back to the quest giver.  This saves a ton of time going back and forth constantly.  Even though it seems every cloth reward piece has spirit on it I still think they did a good job of giving us a good selection of choices.  I even got a companion pet from a quest without searching all over the place.  I chose the Blue Mini Jouster!

I love Flying
One of the main reasons I did not complete a lot of the achievements in the old lands was because I couldn't fly!  I hated traveling via horseback from place to place.  Being a mage I had it easier then most classes, but come on I shouldn't have to suffer to get the achievements I was most interested in!  I even hated the fact that I would port into a town and have to ride to get to the bank or auction house.  How very nice it is we get to fly in towns now!

I love the Talent Tree
Gone are the days of not being able to choose the fun talents.  The fact we had to basically choose certain talents to be competitive just wasn't cool.  Now I can choose improved blink and not get picked on by my fellow guildies.  How cool is it that we get Time Warp too!!!  Basically a Bloodlust/Heroism clone! 

I love the Instances
Running dungeons and raids has always been my favorite part of WoW so it wasn't hard for me to love it.  I have only run Blackrock Caverns so far, but 6 bosses, some cool mechanics and some good loot.  How could it go wrong?!

I'm only level 82, have only quested in Mount Hyjal, ran one instance twice, and haven't tried the new PvP battles yet, but so far this is shaping up as the best expansion yet by Blizzard.  My love for the game has been reborn all over again!

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