Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ICC 25 Tuesday

What an awesome night we had in ICC 25! We wanted to get everyone their Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher mount so it was an achievement run! I missed the Heroic Professor Putricide kill so I was one of the few who wouldn't get it till next week.

The first achievement was Full House on Lady Deathwhisper which we did have to wipe it twice before we got the right combination of ads. The trick is to kill the ads we didn't need then burn her down as fast as possible once we had them all.

We then went to Plague Wing and did the Dances with Oozes achievement on Rotface. I knew from 10 man that this achievement was fairly easy. We ended up 1 shotting it and moving on.

Next up was Festergut and the Flu Shot Shortage achievement. This was another easy one. Just have the people that get the first spores run away from the raid and then not go near the second one. With our guild's DPS we only had to worry about the first Pungent Blight before he was dead.

Professor Putricide's achievement is Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion...which is a pretty easy one as well. The person controlling the Abomination couldn't use Regurgitated Ooze to slow down the ads. So everyone basically just had to run faster and not get hit by the Orange Ooze and stack faster on the person targeted by the Green Ooze. Another one shot.

Portal Jockey was the next achievement which involved someone going into every portal that spawned while healing Valithria Dreamwalker to full. So we had three healers go in and the rest were DPS. The fight goes by so fast with our geared healers that I don't think there were many portals that even spawned. It was super easy and another one shot. I actually ended up getting the Frostbinder's Shredded Cape to replace my Lich Wrappings. Always nice to get an upgrade!

Sindragosa's achievement was one of the two I had a feeling we might struggle on. All you can Eat required us to never get above 5 stacks of Mystic Debuff during phase three. The hardest part was for the tanks because they had to clear their stacks every single ice block. We did wipe a few times getting this one, but eventually the tanks had the switching down and we were able to complete it.

That's all we could get done before Midnight. We did a few attempts on Neck-Deep in Vile and came very close many times so I'm confident tomorrow we will finish Glory of the IceCrown Raider 25 Man.

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