Thursday, January 13, 2011

Heroic Wands Cataclysm (RARE!!!)

My suit is really coming together for my mage finally. She has four 359 item level pieces after finishing off Exalted with the Earthen Ring and Ramkahen for Flamebloom Gloves and Desert Walker Sandals and making the Breeches of Mended Nightmares and Dreamless Belt with tailoring. Her gear is looking good with all those other pieces colored in blue. There is a problem though I still have that stupid 318 item level wand from a quest in Twilight Highlands. You might think I’m lazy and not running enough heroics? Well that’s simply not true!

There are only two wands to choose from with a 346 item level. I figured by running Blackrock Caverns after my random each day that would basically guarantee Corla’s Baton to drop for me. Over twenty runs later and I still have never seen it drop and I am now starting to question its existence. I can’t even go run the regular over and over to get the 333 item level wand because the one that drops is only a 308 item level which is 10 points lower then my green quest wand.

The other boss that drops a wand is deep into Deadmines which so far has proven to be one of the longest heroic dungeons in Cataclysm. Cookie’s Stirring Rod is a really nice wand, but after running a random and Blackrock Caverns nightly that is usually all I have time for during the week.

In case anyone else saw the Wand of Dark Worship I thought I would let you know that only a normal version drops. Even if you’re doing heroic Stonecore you will still only get the 316 item level wand if it drops.

I could be getting so much more done every night if only I had a wand so I could stop running extra heroics. Has anyone else seen one of these?

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