Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ICC 25 Monday

My guild was planning on downing Heroic Professor Putricide last night, but not enough people showed up and we were left to 23 man the last 3 bosses. So we decided to just do them on normal and finish early for the night. Our last few raid nights we have spent a lot of time on the Heroic PP fight and with us getting him down to under 10% a few times I was a little disappointed we didn't have enough people to try it.

Tuesday is what they call loot night and when the usual numbers of 22-25 raiders swell into 30-40 raiders. I know the raid leaders will want to get to PP as soon as possible and hopefully down him early in the night. We seem to be having no problems with the Unbound Plague and our issues lately have been in phase 3 since there is no Abomination, the Slime Pools accumulate and start growing which becomes a large problem if too many of us our dead and we don't kill him quick enough. Eventually we have no where to stand and we take a large amount of damage. Unfortunately the healers are too busy keeping the tanks up to worry much about us lowly DPS. If a tank dies it’s a wipe because the Professor will gain a massive amount of health back from Mutated Plague.

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