Monday, July 19, 2010

3v3 Arena 1515!!

Last night our 3v3 team got together and played 33 matches.  We started at 1406 and ended up at a 1515 rating which is awesome.  Our matchmaking value continues to rise and is now well into the 1600's.  We started to get into our groove towards the end of the night, but it was approaching midnight and some of us had to work early today.

My team consists of a Discipline Priest - Healaryduff, Boomkin - Kona, and an Arcane Mage - Monelle so were not the average team.  I like our synergy though with our excellent burst damage, CC abilities, and awesome healing.  We usually are able to get the first target down quickly, but when we don't it's a very tough road from that point on. 

We seem to be having some problems with double healer teams which have been consisting of a Discipline Priest, a Holy Pally, and an Arms Warrior.  We tried a few different things last night and it seemed the best option was to cyclone the Priest, Fear/Silence the Pally, and burn the Warrior down as fast as possible.  Surprisingly it did work a few times last night which is great because I have a feeling we are going be facing more double healers teams the farther up the ladder we go.

We had a few matches last night that were within a split second of us losing and then all of a sudden our burst took one of them down, our healer kept us alive, and we were able to pull out the win.  I think the hardest part for us is that we aren't exactly pros in arena so a lot of our matches are trial and error when deciding on the kill target.  Sometimes we make the wrong choice and when we aren't able to burst down that first target it becomes a very tough fight for our combination.

I can't wait to get the Three's Company: 1550 Achievement which will only be my third arena achievement.  The only two I have now are the Mercilessly Dedicated and World Wide Winner achievements so I'm excited to add another one!  I'll also get Vengefully Dedicated with 35 more wins! 

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