Thursday, July 15, 2010

ICC 25 Wednesday

I missed Tuesday's raid because my girlfriend was in a small car accident and of course my guild got down Heroic Professor Putricide. I knew it was going happen this week and was really sad I missed it! They were able to clear 10 of 12 bosses on heroic mode Tuesday.

Last night was still good though because I still haven't had a chance to beat Heroic Sindragosa. It took us 4 shots to beat her. Mostly because I didn't notice until after I wiped our entire raid by stacking 22 charges of Unchained Magic and dealing one million damage in friendly fire to my guildies that my Deadly Boss Mods add-on wasn't working.  As luck would have it I was just telling someone how I've never messed up on Unchained Magic. Sometimes its better to not say anything at all :P

Well the very next attempt we were able to down her. It was surprisely very smooth considering my old guild, Suppression, wasn't even able to get to Phase 3 and probably wouldn't for many more months. It was a good feeling to down her.

We then went to Lich King and decided to get a little practice on heroic mode. We only worked the first phase for two attempts, but it didn't seem much harder. Basically whenever Shadow Trap was cast all of us would move as one away from the throne until hopefully we had him at 70% and then move to the edge for Remorseless Winter.

After the two attempts we decided to do it on normal and get the Been Waiting a Long Time for This achievement so that next week we can work on getting the last achievements we need for the Glory of the Icecrown Raider 25 Man achievement. I already have it in ICC 10, but would really love to add a new mount to my collection.

We then proceeded to Ruby Sanctum and one shot it on normal. I am really starting to hate the trash in there! We can one shot the boss easy enough, but for some reason we always wipe a few times on the trash!! No more guild raiding this week unless I decide to do a run in the ICC 25 Alt run on Friday. I'd probably bring Thangrim or Tyru if I'm able to go.

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